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‘Marxist Lesbian’ to Run American Library Association

While many on the right celebrate what they call “wins” when they simply make headlines, those on the very far left celebrate only the “wins” that give them more power and authority over educators across America. Their latest achievement is electing a proud “Marxist lesbian”

Infrastructure: School Choice’s Biggest Challenge

The school choice movement’s greatest hurdle that needs to be addressed before school choice has the true impact it can have is infrastructure. In many states where the highest demand would be for private and charter schools, the available seats do not yet exist as

How Educators Are Training Anti-Israel Advocates

The shocking news that an outspoken extreme anti-Israel advocate was asked by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) to present at their 101st Annual Conference in November 2021 is troubling. While educators have unfortunately heard ripples of anti-Israel sentiment before, the fact that

Modern Day Teaching: What It Is and Why It Is Important

NOTE: This article only pertains to pedagogy in response to the exclusive use of teacher-centered learning. The focus of this article is on the importance of incorporating student-centered learning.  The art of modern day teaching (pedagogy) is drastically different from that of the 50s, 80s,

Leo Terrell: BLM Is Highjacking Black History Month

During an appearance on Hannity, civil rights attorney, and former teacher, Leo Terrell discussed the troubling popularity of Black Lives Matter at School materials being used across the country. Launched in 2016 by a group of teachers, Black Lives Matter at School has a massive

Once Again, The Radical Left Shows Why They Are Successful

The Zinn Education Project has revealed yet another example of the radical left’s wholesome understanding of education and the teaching process. While many on the right try to fight for “transparency” in curricular materials, not knowing what a curriculum is or how one is used,