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 “The only defense against the World, is a thorough knowledge of it…” 

-John Locke

About Us

The conservative movement’s fight against radical leftist “indoctrination” in education is failing. From the moment children enter the education system, they are bombarded with far leftist orthodoxy. The structures of public education in America have become bastions for ideas and ideals that are alien to our nation’s core principles. Instead of celebrating the United States for the beacon of freedom it is, students are taught that America has long been a bad actor and a source of evil in the world.

Why is the conservative fight failing?

  • Starting too late – Conservatives have an outsized focus on college campuses, but this overlooks the K-12 exposure that engulfs and molds our children
  • Lack of resources – The radical left dedicates approximately $1,311,000,000 a year in not-for-profit/organizational funding towards the education system whereas conservatives only contribute $5,200,000 a year
  • Systemic biases – The education system has been overtaken by leftist orthodoxy. This can be attributed to a lack of conservative educators as well as the insertion of leftist ideals into state mandated curriculum and educational resources
  • Unwillingness to get involved – Conservatives focus on going into business, law, medicine, and other professions at a much higher rate compared to radical leftists

Why is this fight important?

  • Loss of unity – The education system had long been the melting pot of America where children of all backgrounds would learn what it means to be an American and be taught the values that we as a nation cherish. Now the education system fails at this most basic task, and has become a divider instead of a unifier
  • Loss of understanding – Without comprehension of our history and our government, students will fail at their civic responsibilities
  • Loss of patriotism – By being taught the far left version of American history, students lose sight of the miracle that is the United States and the momentous challenges that were overcome to make us what we are today

When you look at the curriculum set forth by various states and groups such as the College Board (AP programs), it is clear that our children are being taught the Howard Zinn version of American history. A history without American heroes and without American greatness. In this version of history, America is founded on lies, and America is always the bad guy. If this type of education persists, our nation will lose what unites us as a people, which is our shared values and history as Americans.

We cannot afford to lay idle while falsehoods about America permeate the education system. That is where The Locke Society comes in. By developing a fact-based curriculum, promoting the dissemination of materials that support our shared values as Americans, and encouraging the conservative youth to pursue careers in public and private education we can turn the tide against the radical leftist orthodoxy that has come to dominate our nation’s classrooms.

Support Us

The Locke Society is a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Why John Locke?

A free society must have a flourishing education system that allows for unrestrained thought. The education system must not only teach students academics, but also sow the ideals that create the fabric of America. The Founding Fathers shaped a nation around John Locke’s concept of “life, liberty and property,” or “the pursuit of happiness” as Thomas Jefferson wrote it, to create the most prosperous and free nation the world has ever seen. The philosopher John Locke has had an immeasurable impact on economic and political policies worldwide, but among his most profound ideas was the necessity of a properly educated citizenry. In order to maintain a free society and restore the American republic, conservatives need to adopt and promote his ideas on education.

Locke suggested that while students are commanded by their teachers to follow a given viewpoint (exposed through the teacher’s selection of literature and questioning), the ability to find other views weakens, and the fear of suggesting such opposition keeps them from receiving a valuable education. In Locke’s Some Thoughts Concerning Education, he suggests that the courage to ask and answer questions that may challenge the establishment is necessary for the progress of individuals and society. The idea of commanding instead of teaching, as expressed by Locke, was meant as a last resort for students who were unable to come to their own understanding of definitive issues and/or cultural training. The intellectual left has perverted this method into commanding beliefs and training a new voting block for their party with the end goal of transforming the United States into a socialist nation now in their grasp. Locke warned that “…if we play false with [children], we not only deceive their Expectations, and hinder their Knowledge, but corrupt their Innocence, and teach them the worst of vices” (Locke 104-105). By teaching their version of a false history to entice students into joining their leftist crusade, teachers are not only doing a disservice to the children but to the entire country. Teaching this way not only condones deceitfulness but will guide students to participate in a world of dishonesty and folly without the courage or knowledge to challenge its flaws. Locke wrote that, “[Children] are Travellers newly arrived in a strange Country, of which they know nothing; we should therefore make Conscience not to mislead them” (Locke 105). If education continues down the path of obliterating free thought and American values, everything the men and women of the United States have fought for will be lost, and a new generation will have to do again what was done over two hundred years ago.

Our Team

Ethan Keller
Cofounder/Executive Director 
Ethan Keller is the executive director of The Locke Society bringing years of experience in media, news, research, and communications. Overseeing all functions of The Locke Society, he ensures that every endeavor meets its goal. Currently, he works on The Sean Hannity Show as an engineer/producer. Ethan began working in conservative media at the age of 16. Before working for Sean Hannity, he had worked for Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and other well-known hosts. Ethan is dedicated to advocating and developing pro-capitalist and pro-American messages for education and media.
Annie Keller 
Cofounder/Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Annie Keller is a New York State Certified Teacher of Social Studies and Literacy. She taught eighth grade social studies in Queens, NY for English Language Learners, General Education, Inter-Collaborative, Honors, and Gifted and Talented classes. Her work as a curriculum writer for eighth grade social studies has allowed her to shape the classroom into one that honors America’s achievements and heroes. Annie has conducted professional development workshops for her colleagues and collaborated on an article published in Social Education, a peer-reviewed journal of the National Council for the Social Studies. Annie’s passion to build a curriculum that recognizes America’s virtues helps bring strength and pride to students across the country.
Blair Cullen
Digital Coordinator
Teacher of Science and English
Amanda is a Texas State Certified Teacher of Science and English. She currently teaches 7th grade science including Honors and Gifted and Talented classes. Amanda uses her English Language Arts teaching experience to integrate reading and writing into her science curriculum. In addition to teaching, Amanda coordinates and trains teachers to deliver English as a Second/ New Language instruction on her campus. She also writes and manages content curriculum for the 7th grade science department. Amanda strives to engage all students in scientific thought and principles to build a foundation on critical thinking skills through inquiry and investigation.