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Understanding Teacher Certification

Contrary to what some apparently believe, teacher certification has never meant that a teacher will be effective. Teacher licenses do not guarantee that teachers can do their job; a teaching license only guarantees that teachers meet the minimum requirements to be in a classroom with students. Certification requirements include items

Advice for Conservative Teachers

To all of our conservative teachers out there: be calm, be creative, and keep your job. We know the feeling of wanting to express discontent with certain things you are asked to do for your job as a teacher, such as conducting certain lesson plans in response to current events,

So You Dissolved the Teachers Union… Now What?

To many conservatives, the root of the problem in education is the teachers union. Many want to remove the union from operating in schools, so what would happen if that actually occurred? Would it lead to sweeping educational reform? Would it mean that the youth of America were no longer

6 Reasons Why Conservative Teachers Are the Only Solution

We are losing the fight to save our country and our society. While other organizations tend to sugarcoat reality to try to claim they are making an impact, the facts show that our nation is veering towards the far left. With their monopoly over the educational system, it will only