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Tag: DEI

Conservative Establishment Organizations Have Failed America

Most can agree that America’s future rests in the hands of the generations who will eventually be leading it. Unfortunately, a recent Gallup poll suggests that America’s future looks pretty bleak as the majority of the youngest generation of voters polled has little pride in their country. There are some

Project Veritas Video Proves the Power of the Teacher to Implement DEI

Project Veritas has revealed a highly disturbing video of how Long Island teachers are taking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which contains LGBTQ+ elements, into their own hands, and using tenure as a shield against any type of reprimand. While undercover at EdCamp Long Island (EdCampLI), a grassroots movement bringing

Radical Left Launches New Social Justice Educator Fund

One of the largest and most influential educational groups in America has announced that they are going to increase the amount of funding going to “social justice” educators. Learning for Justice (formerly known as the intolerant Teaching Tolerance) announced on January 5 that they will be giving awards from $500-