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Author: The Locke Society Staff

What Teaching Civics Actually Means to Teachers

Civics is a popular topic in the educational forum today, but many “experts” are getting its significance to teachers wrong. Many current state standards require teachers to “incorporate civics” into their lessons, a requirement which does not simply mandate material for rote memorization, but material

Hamas Demonstrators Are Becoming Teachers

Radicals have been in education for decades pushing their radical agendas aiming to turn students across the country into anti-American activists. Their work spans from kindergarten through the university level, but their greatest impact is arguably made in K-12 schools while students’ schema about various

Lesson: Berlin Wall

A recent historical analysis of the Berlin Wall that is being presented to students across America suggests that tearing it down harmed East Berliners because it “disrupted their way of life.” This interpretation of history is misleading for students who are just learning about the Berlin

Slaves Did Not “Personally Benefit” From Slavery

The recommendation to teach students as young as grade 6 that there is anything beneficial about slavery for the people who were enslaved is outrageous. The “benchmark clarification” in the Florida standards for social studies teachers that states, “[i]nstruction includes how slaves developed skills which,

Discovery+ Uses Abraham Lincoln to Promote Queer Theory

Disclaimer: The text in this article contains explicit details not suitable for children. For “Pride” month, Discovery+ is featuring a one-year-old disturbing 8 minute production claiming that President Abraham Lincoln was Queer and had extremely intimate relationships with four male lovers. The 8 minute video