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Author: The Locke Society Staff

First Book: Sending Pornography to PK-12 Classrooms

  [DISCLAIMER: The content of this article contains explicit details and language not suitable for children.] While many organizations and news outlets were shocked over a reporter saying “someone needs to create porn for children,” the reality is that pornographic/erotic materials are disturbingly already in

The National Archives Joins the Radical Left to Abolish America

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has become a major player in the radical left’s mission to bring America’s foundation crumbling down to nothing. “NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Content” as taken from the view of a radical leftist teacher is only fuel for

Lesson: Evaluating Energy Sources in the US

World leaders proclaim that wind and solar energy are the best solutions to reduce carbon emissions. With many organizations promoting the Green New Deal, which initially called for nuclear energy and fossil fuels to be phased out, most students might be surprised to learn that

Far Left Educators Bash the USA on July 4th

While many Americans celebrated the birthday of our great nation this weekend, the radical far left organizations who control our nation’s educational institutions used their time and platforms to disparage the country they claim to love. Just a quick scroll through some of their social

Bills “Banning” CRT Are Misleading and Dangerous

Many individuals and organizations are celebrating state and local governments passing weak legislation that “bans” Critical Race Theory from the classroom, but those who are doing so are selling false hope. With many putting their trust and faith in these flawed bills, and the summer

Iowa’s Bill Fails to Ban CRT

With House File 802, students will still be taught the highly destructive and far left ideas of “social justice” and Critical Race Theory (CRT). Individuals and organizations who are telling parents that this Bill will prohibit these ideas from being in the classroom are either