Anti-Israel sentiment is being promoted by leading educational resources that are pushing a pro-Palestine agenda through their lesson plans. Even the National Council for the Social Studies has recently hosted an outspoken anti-Israel advocate at their annual conference. With the Israel-Palestine conflict being part of many standard curriculums, teachers will find it more and more difficult to collect reliable resources that do not push such an agenda. Contemporary history must be approached carefully, and one of the best ways to teach it obj­­­­­ectively is to allow students to explore various resources on the topic and navigate it themselves. In this lesson, students will define the conflict between Israel and Palestine going as far back in history as possible, identifying the beginning of the conflict and how it has progressed over time along with how it has tried to be resolved. Through asking questions of their own, identifying and studying relevant documents, and corroborating sources, students will be able to understand the controversy that surrounds the Israel-Palestine conflict in terms of how it is represented by media outlets and different educational institutions, while determining and evaluating possible solutions to the conflict.

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