While many on the right celebrate what they call “wins” when they simply make headlines, those on the very far left celebrate only the “wins” that give them more power and authority over educators across America. Their latest achievement is electing a proud “Marxist lesbian” as the president of the American Library Association (ALA) who will officially begin her term in July 2023. Emily Drabinski is a devout socialist, though she wisely tried to subdue that identity by calling herself just an “organizer” throughout her campaign to not deter those who may not be fond of socialism. Drabinski is eager to see America on a path towards socialism and being in charge of the heart of education guarantees her influence will make a tremendous impact on the minds and experiences of children and teachers across America.

Drabinski’s admiration for socialism and her clever tactics for making it into a position of power should be alarming to everyone. In an interview published on Red Fault that she did with Austin Democratic Socialists of America member Bennett B., Drabinski sheds light on who she really is and her goals for America. In “Creating a Socialist Vision for Public Libraries: A Conversation with Emily Drabinski,” Bennett asks questions in awe of Drabinski’s vision for socialism and how she is going to use her newfound power to grow its influence. 

In response to Bennett asking Drabinski about being “openly socialist,” Drabinski said, “It’s funny, I am openly socialist, but I don’t pick the label and it’s been made very clear to me that I campaigned for and won election to a fundamentally liberal organization, in the ‘small L’, so publicly claiming a socialist identity has implications for the broader association. So what I’m doing now is trying to figure out how to navigate, and what kind of language I can use that will not torch the efforts…”

“I tweeted that I was a ‘Marxist lesbian’ when I won, and I absolutely am a Marxist, and absolutely am a lesbian, but I got a ton of blowback, which is not great, but I don’t know. We have to be brave, we have to be willing to fight, and the right has no compunction about being completely out there with their totally hardcore racist ideals, and their white replacement theory [bulls***]. We have to be as brave as they are and as public as they are, I think, but I’m having to navigate that in a big, big, big organization that has a lot of different stakeholders and a lot of different priorities.”

Drabinski is well aware of the power and influence she will hold as president of the widely respected American Library Association. Note that the American Library Association has nothing to do with the teachers unions, so those who say unions are the problem are missing where the power over minds truly rests. 

Though Drabinski may not label herself a “socialist,” she does not pretend to support any causes on the right and knows that money and resources are crucial to her success, which will not be in short supply thanks to the abundance of leftist donors and successful educational organizations. 

“I’ll also get a little bit of money to do what I want, and that’s the thing that separates the left from the right right now, is access to resources, so I’m looking forward to thinking through how the resources that will be given to me can be put to good use for the goals that I think all of us on the left share,” said Drabinski.

While it is likely that Drabinski is familiar with right-wing causes and organizations, she seemingly does not feel too threatened by them, nor should she be. Right now, the leading organizations on the right champion nothing more than a “conference” they host, garnering media attention, or a parent shouting at a school board. None of these examples can compare to the enormous success that the far left has championed taking over highly influential positions in education over the last few years, let alone the last several decades. 

In her new position, Drabinski will be speaking at numerous events. In March, she will be speaking to higher education faculty and staff, librarians, media professionals, writing instructors, teachers, and graduate students at Georgia Southern University’s Information Literacy Conference. No doubt as president of the American Library Association, we will be seeing more and more of Drabinski as she will be invited to prestigious events across America for professional and curriculum development. 

Although fighting the sexually explicit materials making their way into classrooms and libraries across America is important, many people are forgetting what is arguably a greater threat to our society: socialism. As socialists continue to chip away at America’s foundation, eventually it will collapse and Marxists will have free reign over not just education, but our economy and society as a whole. It is socialism and communism that has killed millions upon millions of people in the USSR and China among other nations, not “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Mao ZeDong did not need queer theory or gender ideology to tell youth to soak the streets in the blood of their parents; Stalin did not need to have an LGBTQ agenda to create gulags and starve tens of millions of people to death throughout his reign. Socialism is the threat to our society that must be addressed before it is too late. 

In her position of power, Drabinski will be among other leaders, like Henry Giroux, of education who champion socialism. However, their power is only strong if they have supporters who spread their ideas to children. It is with teachers that Drabinski and other socialists can succeed as long as their words make it into the classroom. Teachers are the only ones who can bring socialism into the classroom or stop socialism from corrupting the minds of children. Teachers choose what is brought into their classroom, and if in the case they do not, they can control how a topic will be perceived by their students through creative and clever lesson planning

Drabinski’s socialist agenda can be stopped, but not by shouting on rooftops, not by protesting, not by arguing with colleagues, not by threatening teachers unions, not by simply complaining, but by the conservative and moderate teachers who understand how to use current standards and the daily workings of classrooms to their advantage to protect American ideals and integrity.