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Tag: Socialism

‘Marxist Lesbian’ to Run American Library Association

While many on the right celebrate what they call “wins” when they simply make headlines, those on the very far left celebrate only the “wins” that give them more power and authority over educators across America. Their latest achievement is electing a proud “Marxist lesbian” as the president of the

The Problem With “Social Justice” Curriculum

What is “social justice” curriculum? According to the National Council for the Social Studies National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers, social justice curriculum “involves implementing curriculum and instruction that ‘actively seeks to recognize the diversity of the world and the complexities associated with issues of racism, sexism,

Democratic Socialist Party Urges Members to Become Teachers

The Democratic Socialist Party published an article in August of 2018 urging its members to become teachers. While many of their members are already teachers, with over 3,000 openly admitting to being members of the Facebook group,“Democratic Socialist Teachers,” they state that having socialists as educators is a sure way

Lesson: The Great Leap Forward (China: 1958-1962)

*The text used for the lesson contains extremely graphic details that may not be appropriate for certain ages. Use your best judgment on whether to use this text with your students.The history of the Great Leap Forward has been wrongfully minimized by scholars and historians who have failed to uncover

Private Schools Adopting “BLM Curriculum”

For many moderates and conservatives, private schooling has been the go-to answer to solving the problem with radical leftists controlling the public education system. Some have falsely claimed that private and charter schools are the silver bullet to this issue, and now it is even more obvious that they are

RedState: Individual Teachers Can Stop BLM Curriculum

In an article on the conservative website RedState, author Kira Davis agrees with one of the main reasons why The Locke Society was created. The article, which covers the troubling trend of schools eventually adopting “BLM” curriculums, indirectly states the obvious answer to combatting the radical leftism in classrooms across

NextGen America Registering Radicals to Vote

NextGen America, which endorsed Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate, is growing their influence on young voters through every means necessary. From building an overwhelmingly large presence on school campuses to hosting community events, including movie nights of liberal propaganda, NextGen America is a key part of the radical

Lesson: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

The false depictions that romanticize Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as heroes are dangerous to our youth who have no way of knowing the extent of their cruelty if not covered by teachers. As Hollywood and some scholars have embraced Cuba’s propaganda as truth and are spreading its falsities, the