NextGen America, which endorsed Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate, is growing their influence on young voters through every means necessary. From building an overwhelmingly large presence on school campuses to hosting community events, including movie nights of liberal propaganda, NextGen America is a key part of the radical left’s movement. Since 2013, NextGen America has registered over 1.4 million voters. 

Founded by Democrat and former presidential candidate, Tom Steyer, NextGen America is ready to spend $45 million to register and encourage youth to vote in the 2020 election. Their plans include spending $11 million on advertisements contrasting Biden and Trump, with undeniable bias.

With the inaccuracies and propaganda imposed on youth throughout their entire education, the suppression of a critical and individualistic mindset threatens their liberty to choose for themselves how to register and who to vote for in elections. With NextGen America’s incessant push for a progressive takeover of all branches of government, it is clear that they are only in the market for recruiting young radical party members. 

Not only is NextGen America targeting young voters by catering to their interests, they are also targeting swing states, determined to “flip” red states blue. They have focused their efforts on the 11 battleground states of Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia. 

They celebrated a victory with Rashida Tlaib’s primary election. NextGen advocated for Rep. Tlaib because of her support of the Green New Deal and increasing the minimum wage. 

They have also recently celebrated a victory in swing state Wisconsin for progressive Judge Jill Karofsky. In an article written by NextGen America, they state, “Young voters targeted with phone calls, text messages, and digital ads by Next Gen voted by mail at twice the rate of all registered young people.”

From executive director Ben Wessel calling Republicans “trash” to demoralizing America as a nation, it is interesting that they have any interest in running a nation they despise. If NextGen outspokenly disagrees with the liberty, rights, and principles of America, they shouldn’t be trying to run the country. 

Their mission, “When we get young people to show up and vote, we win,” perfectly describes their reliance on uninformed supporters. By looking for young adults who “have a reputation for not being particularly interested in politics,” NextGen America is taking advantage of their lack of interest by asking for their vote, expecting them to be ignorant enough to not seek the truth about the candidates. Their clever tactic includes “reaching them where they’re at online, in every corner of the internet.” This includes partnering with advertisers who are already present in their social media accounts. 

NextGen was ready to accuse Republicans of cheating if President Trump won re-election, and if any Republican wins future elections, most likely. The following tweet shows NextGen asking for fiction writers to develop a creative narrative in preparation for the results of the election, should they have lost.  

During the lead up to the 2020 election, the message “Our government sucks…let’s elect a new one” appeared when you first logged on. While traditionally elections are to change leadership, not the type of government we have, NextGen has admitted to following the radical left’s goal of using the election process to change our foundation of government from one that embodies a republic to one that is socialist. Their disrespect for our republic is alarming as it aligns with the socialist ideology that they are trying to implement, and the history of this implementation is frightening to anyone who values their life and liberty.

NOTE: This article was updated September 28, 2021.