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Tag: radical left

The National Archives Joins the Radical Left to Abolish America

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has become a major player in the radical left’s mission to bring America’s foundation crumbling down to nothing. “NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Content” as taken from the view of a radical leftist teacher is only fuel for their agenda and will help

Defunding or Banning Critical Race Theory Accomplishes Nothing

Many organizations and publications have recently latched onto the idea of “banning/defunding” Critical Race Theory (CRT). While this might sound like a great idea that could save our nation, the fact is that the large majority of CRT funding is not coming from the taxpayers, and a majority of the

The Red Herring of Radical Left Indoctrination

Recently, issues with California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum have come to light with alarming content. While this is grotesquely troubling, the greater danger lies in the consistent subliminal messaging hiding behind best teaching practices that messes with the minds of teachers, even those who are conservative. This is another example

“Cancel Culture” Begins in the Classroom

“Cancel culture” begins in K-12 classrooms, and if we, as conservatives and moderates, do not start having a presence in these classrooms, it will never end.  First, they came after the national anthem. Then, they came after the Founding Fathers. Now, they are coming after Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato

Advice for Conservative Teachers

To all of our conservative teachers out there: be calm, be creative, and keep your job. We know the feeling of wanting to express discontent with certain things you are asked to do for your job as a teacher, such as conducting certain lesson plans in response to current events,

A Conservative Hundred-Year Marathon

As previously pointed out, Republican, conservative, and moderate leaders and institutions have failed the nation. Instead of using the money and time of their members to further the cause of liberty, they have used it to enrich themselves and their family members. In February of 2015, Michael Pillsbury’s book, The

We Will Continue to Lose Unless…

…our side unites and takes effective measures.  We are 60 to 90 years, tens to hundreds of billions of dollars behind the radical left and the actions they have taken to control all educational institutions in the United States. With the time and effort they have invested, far leftists have

Civics Learning is Already Controlled by Radical Leftists

In a recent National Review article, Stanley Kurtz sheds some light on the troubling possibility of the Biden Administration implementing national civics learning standards. While the information in this article on this development is alarming, the sad state of reality is that nearly all civics learning, whether the Biden Administration

Scholastic Joins the Radical Left

It is sad to report that Scholastic, one of the leading resources of literacy education, has now become nearly useless as it has transformed itself from a literacy resource to a crusader of the radical left’s war on America. Scholastic is not only providing inaccurate information about both presidential candidates,