As previously pointed out, Republican, conservative, and moderate leaders and institutions have failed the nation. Instead of using the money and time of their members to further the cause of liberty, they have used it to enrich themselves and their family members. In February of 2015, Michael Pillsbury’s book, The Hundred‑year Marathon was published. In it, he lays out some of the countless ways that the Chinese Communist Party has used its power, money, and influence to “Replace America As the Global Superpower.” The far left in the United States and around the world have taken the successful strategies of the CCP to heart.

At its core, the CCP and fellow socialists/communists around the world have played the long game; they planned generationally. Since the takeover of these radical ideas, freedom-loving individuals have complained about their growing influence; they wrote books, and they started nonprofits in which many of them were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to comment about how troubling the gains of the left were. What they did not do is actually create an organization that would effectively combat these alarming trends. In part, due to their incompetence and greed, The Locke Society was founded. The Locke Society has many goals, but the main ones are: to inspire freedom loving and liberty-minded moderates/Republicans/conservatives to enter the educational profession, and to develop educational materials that meet the most current standards and can fit into any curriculum in any school (public, private, charter, or homeschooling).

The 100 year marathon that conservatives must start now is not easy; the gains will not be immediate, but will be successful for the next and future generations. It will cost a lot of money and time, but if we do not start taking action instead of just bringing awareness, the land of the free will no longer exist. The light of freedom that has fought off fascism and socialism will be snuffed out by its own people. The last hope of spreading freedom to the world will be gone. The radical left will control the educational institutions, and with this control, future Americans will not even know of the tragic loss of the liberty, opportunities, and dreams that this great country once embodied. The freedoms that many took for granted will become a fairytale that is dismissed. With the left’s control of the educational system, they will continue to shape our culture and society. Our only hope for America’s future is to rid education of its corruption from the inside, and make a real impact on the system that forms and shapes the young minds that will become the next generation of leaders.