Generational change occurs from having control over educational institutions and the culture. Moderates, conservatives, and Republicans have nearly no influence in either realm, mainly because they have not invested the time and money it will take to break into these fields. In order to start combatting the radical left, we must start learning from their success stories. For example, the new US Congressman, and member of “the squad,” Jamaal Bowman, began his career as a teacher. 

Congressman Bowman represents New York’s 16th congressional district which is a neighboring district to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district. Rep. Bowman was elected by his constituents over the incumbent Democratic Representative Eliot Engel, largely because Rep. Bowman put in countless hours reaching out to his community as a teacher. He started his career as a fourth grade crisis intervention teacher, and later became a high school counselor, teacher, coach, and led after-school programs. Bowman’s impact on his community was just beginning. 

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg started his “New Leaders for New Schools” program, Rep. Bowman used all of his experience and expertise to write a proposal to open a school of his own. He succeeded, and in September of 2009, The Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School opened. Until recently, Rep. Bowman served as the principal of that school. At the age of 44, Rep. Bowman has an incredible connection to the community that elected him to represent them in Washington DC. 

Rep. Bowman is a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and one of the members of “the squad.” While many will focus on the possible damages to the Constitution, and the freedoms of Americans, there is a much greater damage that he has inflicted. Through his teaching career and his outreach in the education sector, he has undoubtedly convinced many that American exceptionalism and goodness is a myth. In fact, he stated that “Congress Must ‘Stop Spreading the Myth of American Exceptionalism’ and Deal with Racism ‘Throughout All’ Institutions.”

With organizations like Teach for America, and the general increase in garnering political activism among teachers, the radical left’s efforts to send their teachers from the classroom to Congress will only become more successful. While many see becoming a lawyer or businessperson as a way to enter politics, the fact is that teaching is not only a great way to enter politics and show your community how you care, but it also allows you to influence (intentionally or not) future voters. If we continue to allow the left to control the educational institutions of our nation, Rep. Bowman will be welcoming more and more comrades from the Democratic Socialists of America as his colleagues in the halls of Congress, and we will only have ourselves to blame as the America we all know and love will cease to exist.