…our side unites and takes effective measures. 

We are 60 to 90 years, tens to hundreds of billions of dollars behind the radical left and the actions they have taken to control all educational institutions in the United States. With the time and effort they have invested, far leftists have been able to take control of the culture, and now in turn have exponentially grown the voting base of their party. Conservative, moderate, and Republican leadership and institutions have failed the citizens of this great nation by failing to effectively address this issue head on. 

When you look at how extremists of the past have taken over a society, there are many similarities. One of the most apparent commonalities is that in order for the extreme ideas to be accepted, the populous must be “taught” from birth the ideas that fit within the extremists world views. To accomplish this, all of these ideologies infiltrate and take over the education system. They all realized the fact that if you can control the ideas that are being taught in school, you can control how that person thinks for most of their life. Former Soviet Union spy Yuri Bezmenov told the American public that this was exactly what was occurring in a 1984 interview.

In response to this troubling information, conservative, Republican, and moderate leadership united and did absolutely nothing. Until conservatives, Republicans, and moderates unite to effectively take on the task of being involved in education, we will continue to lose. The domino effect of destroying or controlling societies, and taking over governments, all starts with controlling educational institutions. If you can control what is being taught, you can do almost anything. 

Conservatives, traditional Republicans, and moderate Democrats must now begin the long fight within the institutions. This will not be an easy fight, and the results will not be seen immediately, but if we want any hope of keeping our great nation, we must take action. Read about the three steps to reclaiming education in our article at https://lockesociety.org/the-three-steps-to-reclaim-education/