For decades, the conservative movement has complained that liberally biased teachers and schools are indoctrinating their children. While parents and local leaders stand up to the most egregious examples of far left educators attempting to pollute the minds of future voters, countless instances of unreported and unnoticed bias are present in the classroom.  The Locke Society was created with the intention to finally make an impact in the educational field, in addition to bringing awareness to this crucial issue facing our country. With your support of The Locke Society we hope to begin making an impact in schools across America by taking these three steps:

Step #1: Encourage a wave of conservatives and moderates to enter the field of education. 

Without conservatives and moderates entering the educational field as teachers, all other actions to try to change education will fail. By encouraging a livable wage for teachers, and supplying initiatives to become a teacher through private institutions and industry, conservatives and moderates can fill the much needed role of educating the next generation of voters. There is no better time for a mass of conservatives and moderates to enter the field. Studies have shown that while the population of the United States has grown exponentially, the amount of individuals going into the educational field is not close to keeping up to demand. The argument that conservative teachers will not be hired because of their politics is unfounded unless that candidate is walking into an interview shouting that they are conservative or arguing with their interviewers. Our suggestion for teachers in the interview process should any controversial topics arise is to be calm, be creative, and be smart – do not tell anyone, or even hint, that you are conservative. 

We know that many conservatives and moderates may disagree with the idea of becoming part of public education, and that they may view homeschooling and school choice as the silver bullet that will finally challenge the radical left’s control over the educational system. Unfortunately, while we at The Locke Society support both homeschooling and school choice, they are not the answers to saving our nation as we must make an impact on who is teaching in public schools. As news reports show, many charter and private schools are adopting radical lessons and curriculums. Even if a school denounces a curriculum and declares not to adopt it, that does not stop individual teachers from still speaking to the ideas in their own classroom. In situations where the principal or supervisor is not sitting in a teacher’s classroom every day for the entire school day (which is at least 99.99% of the time), teachers can still push their own agendas through the lessons they teach and what they say to students that is not being recorded on their worksheets. 

Homeschooling will save your child from a radical educator’s bias, but while your child may grow up to love our country and the freedoms protected in the Constitution, the society around them will become full of AOC’s and Bernie Sanders voters. If your child is successful, they will be demonized by society. If they are extremely successful, the children that they would have been in class with might end up protesting outside of their homes in the middle of the night, just like Jeff Bezos experienced this summer. For these reasons, the only possible way to make a lasting and measurable change in the educational system is to be part of the educational system. With a greater number of moderates and conservatives entering the educational field it will create a wave of change. The teacher unions would now have to answer to their members who no longer want their money going to radical leftist politicians and political causes. When a radical curriculum is implemented as a school, the moderate and conservative teachers can unite and either choose to teach the lesson in a way that debunks the radical claims it contains, or protest and refuse to teach the lesson as a unified force. 

Step #2: Provide Usable Lessons and Other Resources for Teachers in the Classroom 

We at The Locke Society create our own materials and resources for teachers that include fully developed lesson plans, texts, questioning guides, civics handouts, and more. As teachers ourselves, we know the experience of creating a lesson and searching for a lesson if necessary; anything we can do to make our teachers’ jobs easier, we will do to help them. These resources are usable for teachers seeking to meet current standards. Currently, each lesson is written for the middle school level, but most may be adjusted to meet the needs of younger or older students. The lessons provided may be incorporated into an already in place unit of study, but do not at this point serve as a curriculum on their own. For example, if teaching World War II, a teacher may search the topic in our materials and find lessons they can fit into their unit such as the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps or Winston Churchill’s Speeches. Although these topics may not be written into a department’s curriculum, a teacher could still use them in the progression of lessons as they add information to deepen understanding and help complete the narrative of history. As standards change, our lessons will be updated to meet the rigor of new requirements. In addition to core content, we are covering difficult topics to research, such as the history of communist countries of which reliable information is challenging to find. As our research continues, we will also update these lessons with more information.

The resources we provide show how conservatives and moderates can combat the radical agenda plaguing many classrooms, however they may look. A teacher does not need to speak out against the adoption of any radical agenda into a school curriculum if they feel unsafe to do so, and end up ostracizing themselves as a political outcast. Instead, teachers need to be creative with how they incorporate any required curricula into their lessons. If your school adopts Howard Zinn’s fiction novel as the new social studies textbook, teach it how it should be taught; with today’s standards it is easy for students to debunk Zinn themselves. The same can be said for the 1619 Project. Still, with the success of The Locke Society, the push for the adoption of radical agendas will end with enough conservative and moderate teachers in the field. 

Our lessons are written for teachers aiming to meet current standards. The text is the most crucial part of each lesson and we suggest not deviating from it, aside from modifications for reading level adjustments. The procedures of each lesson are a suggestion for how the text(s) can be used; teachers should use their own discretion to determine if the suggested lesson will work for their class. We believe teachers know their students best; what works for one class may not work for another. Our educational philosophy leans progressive in that we believe lessons must reflect 21st century learning skills and meet current standards for teacher evaluations. 

Although our lessons are not part of a homeschool curriculum, parents may use the texts and materials at home if they would like to teach their children about these topics. We will be providing an outline of the teachers’ lessons for parents to reference. Parents will need to make adjustments to lessons, if at home, to reflect their learning environment and age appropriateness. Please note that these lessons must be done within a unit, not alone, as prior knowledge is crucial for successfully accessing the lesson. Please also note that what we are providing at the moment does not serve as a homeschool curriculum. We support all forms of education, including homeschooling, but we at The Locke Society know that in order to make the changes necessary to save our country, public and private education needs conservative and moderate teachers entering the field, and our resources need to be strong enough to support them. 

As funding allows us to grow our team at The Locke Society, we will be able to produce more materials at a faster pace with expansion into other subjects. Right now, with our limited staff, we are focusing on providing the lessons we find will be useful in strengthening the fight against socialism as quickly as possible. 

Step #3: Encourage moderates and conservatives to run for school board positions and be involved with their local school on every level. 

Going to school board meetings and voicing your opinion is great, so is writing a letter and sending it in to have your voice be heard. Still, the better tactic is being a member of the school board. As we discussed in our article highlighting Teach for America, many teachers become leaders in the community and eventually become local elected politicians. These local positions include seats on the school board. To ensure that our children are taught the truths about our country, and not be taught a perverted version of our history that is presented in curricula such as the 1619 Project, Howard Zinn’s books, Haymarket Books, and so on, we need to have moderates and conservatives in every level of the educational system. 

If we are able to accomplish these goals our country can be saved. Unfortunately, if moderates and conservatives do not unite to fill these roles and resist the extreme left’s desire to destroy our nation from within, all other efforts to save our nation will be done in vain. Other steps can save your child from being turned into a radical leftist, but will not address the 90% of students attending public schools. These proposals will not change the teachers who are teaching, nor change what individual teachers choose to teach and say in the classroom. The radical left has spent billions of dollars each year taking over the educational system over the last six decades. To take them on, we need to do the same. If we do not, America as we know it will cease to exist.