For many moderates and conservatives, private schooling has been the go-to answer to solving the problem with radical leftists controlling the public education system. Some have falsely claimed that private and charter schools are the silver bullet to this issue, and now it is even more obvious that they are not the answer. Many elite private schools have now caved in to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been corrupted by opportunist radicals, and agreed to “include materials on ‘institutional racism’ in curriculum and student life programs.” Kerry Picket covered this fact last month in the Washington Examiner. The problem with the Black Lives Matter curriculum is its lack of content that actually supports black lives. 

While this may seem shocking to some, if you have been following our articles it will come as no surprise. This is because many private and charter schools follow the state’s curriculum, and even those that do not, have to use the resources that are available to teach. (The development and use of a curriculum is complex and we recommend reading our article to understand its many meanings and complications.)  

Moderates and conservatives have refused to spend the money required to combat the extreme left’s takeover of education. While some conservative groups spend millions of dollars a year sending conservative speakers to campuses around the country, the left has spent billions of dollars a year on developing usable resources for teachers, training teachers, and electing school board members. The teachers, resources, and school boards have complete control over what is being taught in the classroom, not only in public, but also in private schools which have been filled with leftist educators who do the wrong thing out of fear of ridicule rather than stand up to these radical bullies and do what is right. Ninety percent of all students attend public schools; the resources that are developed are created to sell to them, and the private schools use these trending resources, since many are promoted by educational organizations across the country, with little to no options for alternative, usable, curriculums. This is the result of the right’s refusal to spend money and get directly involved in education on the same level as these radicals. Additionally, the minuscule percentage of students who are home-schooled make no impact on our country’s conversion to a socialist, self-loathing, and divisive state that has been accelerating towards its goal faster than ever. 

The fact is that as horrible as the Black Lives Matter curriculum and the 1619 Project curriculum are, their radical agendas have been present in classrooms across the country for decades. From the people behind the curriculums including Howard Zinn, Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, Henry Giroux, and Randi Weingarten to the corrupt organizations being utilized today including Teaching Tolerance, Rethinking Schools, Teaching for Change, the Zinn Education Project, Teach for America, Facing History, EmbraceRace, NextGen America, the Kellogg Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Advocates for Youth, The Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center, City Year, and countless other organizations all support and have been spreading the same messages of the Black Lives Matter curriculum and the 1619 Project before any of these radicals entered the arena. These organizations together have been receiving billions of dollars a year promoting a radical agenda, while moderates and conservatives have merely been sitting on the sidelines. As a result, not even private schools are safe from their radical agenda to create a generation that not only despises America, but is being forced to internalize that hatred towards themselves.