For most freedom loving Americans the name Angela Davis does not mean anything, but it should. Many highly influential educational organizations that are present in classrooms across the country describe her as an iconic and legendary freedom fighter, civil rights activist, advocate for racial and social justice, intellectual, and scholar. Davis chooses to best describe herself as a devout “communist.”


Davis’s actions in the 60’s and 70’s are romantically portrayed as those of a freedom fighter who faced adversity and false accusations. In reality, she was a devout communist who believed any actions taken to fight against capitalism were justified. This led to her involvement with a hostage situation that ended in homicide, and her appearance on the FBI’s Most Wanted List in 1970. Davis was charged with her connections to this crime, and with the aid of her socialist and communist friends around the world, was able to escape justice. Davis was one of the USSR’s favorite US citizens. According to the CIA, the USSR dedicated 5% of their propaganda campaigns in 1971 exclusively to her case. Eight years later, the USSR “honored” Davis with the “Lenin Peace Prize.” In her acceptance speech she praised the “glorious name” of the mass murderer “Lenin” who led the “great October Revolution.”

She supported and talked to mass murderer and cult leader Jim Jones, and has made several anti-semetic remarks. All of these facts are not told to children who are taught to believe she is a role model. 

Teaching Tolerance, The Zinn Education Project, Rethinking Schools, Teaching for Change, Teach for America, and multiple educational book publishers all honor and disseminate the ideas of Angela Davis to children. These organizations spend and receive millions of dollars a year, and use that money to perpetuate the lie that these communist loving individuals are honorable freedom fighters. Her influence on our youth is not limited to schools, but includes pop culture as well. Articles supporting Davis and her work have been published by Oprah Magazine, MTV, teenVogue, and she has made numerous appearances on DemocracyNow! which refers to her as a “legendary activist and scholar.”

With individuals like Angela Davis and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers being praised and honored by educational organizations, and with their books being placed in the hands of teachers, their influence on Americans will grow more than they ever expected back in their fugitive days. Because their violent actions were not tolerated, they have twisted their situations into the false narrative that America is oppressive. This manipulation of words and their hiding of true history is what makes them even more dangerous to children and young adults who believe their misleading arguments. We must not let our children be deceived into supporting these violent and corrupt individuals who have found their way into their education.