While teachers are the most powerful agents of societal change, the materials provided to them are what gives them their talking points. Some of the most overlooked players in this action are the extreme book publishing companies that the left is funding. Two of the most prominent ones are Haymarket Books and The New Press. The names of the authors that these organizations support will be familiar, as many of these books are featured in summer reading lists for middle school, high school and college students. 

Some of the authors for Haymarket Books include domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, historical fiction writer Howard Zinn, failed economist Noam Chomsky, communist Angela Y. Davis,  socialist Naomi Klein, professor and black lives activist Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, and retired NFL player/ Black Lives Matter activist Michael Bennett.

These two publishing companies have a combined budget of over $10 million a year. Some of their authors are pundits on liberal cable television news networks, and some are college professors or are featured speakers on college campuses across the United States. While The New Press tries to hide their goal of destroying America, Haymarket Books, which has been promoted by the intolerant Teaching Tolerance, readily admits that their goal is to destroy America and everything it stands for. 

Haymarket Books 

Haymarket Books received 5.9 million dollars in funding in 2018. While many on the left now openly support defunding and abolishing the police, Haymarket Books was one of the first to call for the police to be abolished as early as April of 2018. 

They have called for the abolishment of the military, 

celebrated murderers,

and even called for the abolishment of America as a whole.

There is no need to waste anyone’s time diving into why any books from this publisher should not be used in schools.

The New Press

The New Press has been promoted by the intolerant Teaching Tolerance who has developed a curriculum for teaching the radical book The New Jim Crow, published by The New Press. Provided in the teacher’s guide are ten lessons to teach all parts of the book, along with assessments and supplemental resources. The bullies at Teaching Tolerance have recommended that students take an assessment to determine if they and their school are racist. (Like EmbraceRace, Teaching Tolerance is forcing everyone to identify as racist.) Calling it “Implicit Association Test,” courtesy of Harvard University, both teachers and students can find out if they are racist. The intolerant Teaching Tolerance has found yet another way to bully teachers and students by making them believe they all identify as racists. The disclaimer on the Implicit Association Test even lets you know that your results may be interpreted in a way that you might not agree. They can also find out if their entire school is racist by “sniffing out” the racism using suggestions from the article Is My School Racist? In other words, find racism where it does not even exist by making everything racist. 

Seven Stories Press

The popular fiction novel that many history teachers have adopted for a class textbook, A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, has been modified for young readers. Adapted by Rebecca Stefoff, A Young People’s History of the United States, was published by the radical Seven Stories Press and is promoted by the intolerant Teaching Tolerance and Rethinking Schools. Complete with lesson plans and a roadmap to Howard Zinn, Seven Stories Press has provided a usable resource for the many teachers who want to spread communism. Appearing in their Radicalize the Kid’s Table collection, Seven Stories has promoted Stefoff’s book along with others that have been written to breed a new generation of communists. 

Other special collections include Reading List for a Revolutionary Education, for Both Children and Adults, which features The New Huey P. Newton Reader, a collection of writings by the Black Panther Party founder himself, Huey Newton. The promotion of the Black Panther Party is startlingly growing in many educational organizations who have also pushed role model and extraordinary leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. out of our children’s education. 

More collections from Seven Stories Press include 20th Century Radicals, Give the Gift of Leftist Literature, and Abolish! A Reading List on Police, Prisons, and Protests. Other books that they have published and promote include The Anti-American Manifesto by Ted Rall, Anti-Capitalism by, Ezequiel Adamovsky, and Fidel by, Nestor Kohan and Nahuel Scherma in which they honor him as a “leader who…has stood up to the greatest military power in the world, and remained standing.” They have also published a book attacking Condoleeza Rice titled Dr. Rice in the House by, Amy Scholder in which they suggest that she was only being used by “[the Right] to front racist and sexist policies in the U.S. and abroad.” Their suggestion that Condoleeza Rice was only used as a pawn makes them racist and sexist. Condoleeza Rice is an incredibly intelligent woman whose dedication to being a prepared and accomplished representative of the United States has made her a distinguished role model for people all over the world; she was hired for her unique abilities and wisdom, and she continues to inspire us today as her words bring hope and knowledge to so many people. 

At least two authors of Seven Stories Press have taught in New York City schools; one, Cathy Wilkerson, was a former member of the Weather Underground who is still teaching in a New York City school today. 

Many of their books appear in their Triangle Square imprint which is meant for “the next generation: a new breed of skeptical young readers.” 

As these publishing companies grow their influence in the radical educational organizations that are being embraced by educators nationwide, their anti-American agenda will consume the thoughts of teachers and students, leaving America in the hands of a generation that wants to destroy its existence as a free and virtuous nation.