The false depictions that romanticize Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as heroes are dangerous to our youth who have no way of knowing the extent of their cruelty if not covered by teachers. As Hollywood and some scholars have embraced Cuba’s propaganda as truth and are spreading its falsities, the human rights violations of this brutal communist regime will remain unknown, and the people will continue to suffer. The legacy of Castro’s Cuba is not one of healthcare, literacy, and equality like they want you to believe, but one of death, destruction, and fear. Genocide Watch has listed Cuba on its list of governments guilty of genocide and the Human Rights Watch has noted their continued repressions as of 2020. This lesson that focuses on Fidel Castro’s Cuba is one that fits well into the Cold War unit, ideally being taught before the Cuban Missile Crisis, so that students can understand the threat of communism from Cuba. As students learn about the horrors of this bloody and brutal regime, they will begin to understand the importance of debunking the myths that surround the murderous Castro and Guevara.

Download: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Lesson Plan

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