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Tag: Teaching Materials

Lesson: The Captains of Industry

Contrary to what many may believe, the government is not what made America a superpower. America’s growth and prosperity began much like the nation did itself, with determined, innovative individuals brave enough to take a risk. Businesses are born out of a dream to achieve greatness, and greatness is not

Lesson: Medici as Role Models?

Credited with much of the success of the Renaissance was the Medici family of Florence. Their history is a tribute to early capitalism and its roots in adding value to wealth and those willing to take risks. As a successful banking family, the Medici’s secured much of their power through

Lesson: The Space Race

The Cold War put rival economies to the test on the world stage with the thriving capitalism of the United States overpowering the failing communism of the Soviet Union. The United States, ready for the challenge, proved to be the superior force in what became known as the Space Race.

Lesson: The Culper Spy Ring

Many stories of those who made a difference in the course of American history go untold, or receive little acknowledgement. When learning about espionage of the American Revolution, and other time periods, it is not a topic just to gloss over a few facts and move on; rather, these stories

Lesson: The Origins of Capitalism

As students begin to learn about the growth of America as a superpower, it is important for them to know what made it possible. Among the many reasons America became so powerful is its roots in capitalism. Students should understand the origins of capitalism according to its founder Adam Smith

Lesson: Japanese Internment

There are many misconceptions about Japanese internment during WWII. In order to evade such misconceptions, students will read an interview between members of the Veteran’s History Project at the LOC and someone who experienced the internment, Warren Michio Tsuneishi. While his insight gives students a glimpse into the hardships of

Lesson: Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps

The liberation of Nazi concentration camps is often mentioned in the progression of World War II lessons, but it is rarely discussed in detail. It is important and right to recognize the American soldiers and our allies who took on the heart-wrenching duty of rescuing prisoners from concentration camps. The