Many stories of those who made a difference in the course of American history go untold, or receive little acknowledgement. When learning about espionage of the American Revolution, and other time periods, it is not a topic just to gloss over a few facts and move on; rather, these stories must be heard, felt, and brought to life. Those who risked their lives for this country are among the nation’s, and the world’s, greatest heroes. Without the efforts of Major Benjamin Tallmadge, farm-keeper Abraham Woodhull, seaman Caleb Brewster, home-maker Anna Strong, slave James Armistead Lafayette, merchant Robert Townsend, tavernkeeper Austin Roe, Nathan Hale, and many more, the country that stands for freedom may have never had a chance to rise. This lesson takes students on a journey through the past to empathize with what it means to serve one’s country and how one small act can make a world of difference.

Download: The Culper Spy Ring Lesson Plan

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