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Tag: Howard Zinn

Democratic Socialist Party Urges Members to Become Teachers

The Democratic Socialist Party published an article in August of 2018 urging its members to become teachers. While many of their members are already teachers, with over 3,000 openly admitting to being members of the Facebook group,“Democratic Socialist Teachers,” they state that having socialists as educators is a sure way

The 1619 Project: An Ideology of Destruction

The 1619 Project’s goal of having Americans destroy their own country is far more dangerous than the severe inaccuracies presented in its poorly written, uncited essays. The false facts presented in the essays of the project will be discovered and debunked quickly by students with a thorough corroboration of reliable

Zinn’s America: Rewriting History

While many have debunked the ideas of Howard Zinn, The Locke Society is the only organization working to end the infiltration of Zinn’s anti-American agenda in school curricula. His presence, not only through his published works, but through educational organizations that have been created in his name, continues to threaten