The Democratic Socialist Party published an article in August of 2018 urging its members to become teachers. While many of their members are already teachers, with over 3,000 openly admitting to being members of the Facebook group,“Democratic Socialist Teachers,” they state that having socialists as educators is a sure way of changing society into their version of a socialist utopia. In the article, they state that by taking over the educational system they can shape how “young Americans perceive the world around them” in every subject and grade, and have the opportunity to teach about “social justice” and “liberation history.” By doing this, they claim to be able to “shape a generation of critical thinkers and political actors.”

The basis for their argument is very sound and true. Teachers have immense power when it comes to shaping and changing society. This is why when socialist/communist dictators and governments have come into power in the past, they have immediately taken over the educational systems; this allows the government to control who teaches, and in turn what is taught. Due to the amount of influence these individuals have they not only are able to shape society through classrooms, but through political offices as well. 

[T]eachers are often high-status individuals in their communities. They can command respect and people look to them as moral and social guides, especially for their children. All these strategic factors argue for the presence of socialists within education because of the political and economic leverage teachers could exert if organized.” –DSA

Their strategy is proving to be effective with one of their members likely being elected to the NY State Senate this year. Jabari Brisport, a math teacher at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School, is essentially guaranteed to win his election in the 25th district of NY for a seat in the state senate. This is merely one example of teachers effectively being elected to public office, and creating massive social change on their way there. 

Teaching is proving to be one viable way for socialists to get into the labor movement and wage class struggle in a key industry that is under attack by capital. Teachers across the country and indeed the world have shown us that if we organize in the schools, we can not only win concessions from the millionaire and billionaire class, but can also set a powerful example for the entire working class to follow.” -DSA

With more and more members of the Democratic Socialist Party becoming teachers, they are ensuring that the future voters of America will see the world from their distorted view. They are whitewashing the genocides and mass murders under Mao and Stalin. They are romanticizing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. They are erasing the killing fields of Pol Pot. They are teaching the Howard Zinn/1619 Project version of world history that was created in the twisted minds of people who believe America has been and continues to be a force of evil in the world. Unless moderates and conservatives unite to begin supporting organizations like The Locke Society, they will continue to win, and America will be “abolished,” just like their favorite publishing company Haymarket Books openly admits is their goal.

[Note: Jabari Brisport won his election and is now represents New York’s 25th State Senate district.]