In an interview with Google last Friday, Nikole Hannah-Jones admitted that the 1619 Project is “really not a history.” While arguing with herself, Hannah-Jones reveals that her main goal is not to teach America about the tragic history of slavery or the achievements of black Americans, which she apparently knows little about, but to promote socialism and make our youth believe that American exceptionalism is “nonsense.” 

Anyone who thinks the 1619 Project is a resource for teaching the history of slavery and the achievements of black Americans is sadly mistaken. The essays of the 1619 Project are useless to teachers who already are teaching the sensitive history of slavery, but seeking new opportunities to improve their lessons from experts who can actually help them. The tragic and heartbreaking history of slavery is so important for students to learn, and so is the incredible perseverance of black Americans who overcame the most discouraging obstacles that they did not let stop them from dreaming. Sadly, Nikole Hannah-Jones has ignored black American heroes, and if she has heard of them, she turns them into victims to further her own false narrative. 

Already debunked by real historians and Nikole Hannah-Jones herself, the 1619 Project is nothing more than a propaganda tool of the left to attack capitalism. America does have a strong foundation, and the lies of the 1619 Project has not and will not harm it. Nikole Hannah-Jones and her comrades should sign up for some history lessons, maybe then they will realize that the United States has used all of the power it has amassed to help humanity and spread freedom.