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Tag: 1619 Project

Conservative Establishment Organizations Have Failed America

Most can agree that America’s future rests in the hands of the generations who will eventually be leading it. Unfortunately, a recent Gallup poll suggests that America’s future looks pretty bleak as the majority of the youngest generation of voters polled has little pride in their country. There are some

A Review of the 1619 Project’s Children’s Book

The 1619 Project has been turned into an impressive children’s book, Born on the Water, but is no less factual than the original 1619 Project. While it is important to recognize this history, it’s more important to recognize it accurately. Released just days before Thanksgiving, Nikole Hannah-Jones and her co-author

Are You An Educator or Indoctrinator?

Calling out people for being indoctrinators is becoming quite commonplace in the realm of education. Funnily enough, some of those doing so would likely be indoctrinators themselves.  Here is a simple test to determine whether you might be an educator or indoctrinator.  Question: When you see an institution using a

The National Archives Joins the Radical Left to Abolish America

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has become a major player in the radical left’s mission to bring America’s foundation crumbling down to nothing. “NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Content” as taken from the view of a radical leftist teacher is only fuel for their agenda and will help

Lesson: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Entrenched in the philosophy of the radical left, particularly that of the 1619 Project, is the idea that America was founded on slavery. The inaccuracy of this claim not only misleads students through learning a fabricated history of the United States, but will cause the foundation of America to crumble

Democratic Socialist Party Urges Members to Become Teachers

The Democratic Socialist Party published an article in August of 2018 urging its members to become teachers. While many of their members are already teachers, with over 3,000 openly admitting to being members of the Facebook group,“Democratic Socialist Teachers,” they state that having socialists as educators is a sure way