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Tag: Black Lives Matter

Marxists Take Over the School Choice Movement

With Governor Ron DeSantis taking a strong stance against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “social justice” being taught in Florida’s public school system, it may come as a surprise that one of Florida’s largest educational nonprofits, which has partnered with the state, is a serious proponent of furthering the CRT

Advice for Conservative Teachers

To all of our conservative teachers out there: be calm, be creative, and keep your job. We know the feeling of wanting to express discontent with certain things you are asked to do for your job as a teacher, such as conducting certain lesson plans in response to current events,

The Problem With “Social Justice” Curriculum

What is “social justice” curriculum? According to the National Council for the Social Studies National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers, social justice curriculum “involves implementing curriculum and instruction that ‘actively seeks to recognize the diversity of the world and the complexities associated with issues of racism, sexism,

Netflix Founder Pledges Hundreds of Millions to Influence Education

The fact that disturbing movies like “Cuties” and others are being normalized on Netflix is extremely troubling, and just as troubling is the fact that Netflix’s CEO/founder is using his fortune to influence students in classrooms across America. Reed Hastings, co-founder and co-CEO of Netflix, may not be a household

PBS Pushing “Woke” Arthur Into Your Homes

The radical left’s bullying and propaganda campaign reaches far beyond the classroom right into our homes. It is not enough for them to train teachers to disseminate anti-American rhetoric in school, they are also using children’s entertainment to do the same. With their incessant push to bully everyone into adopting

Private Schools Adopting “BLM Curriculum”

For many moderates and conservatives, private schooling has been the go-to answer to solving the problem with radical leftists controlling the public education system. Some have falsely claimed that private and charter schools are the silver bullet to this issue, and now it is even more obvious that they are

RedState: Individual Teachers Can Stop BLM Curriculum

In an article on the conservative website RedState, author Kira Davis agrees with one of the main reasons why The Locke Society was created. The article, which covers the troubling trend of schools eventually adopting “BLM” curriculums, indirectly states the obvious answer to combatting the radical leftism in classrooms across