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Tag: Black Lives Matter

Leo Terrell: BLM Is Highjacking Black History Month

During an appearance on Hannity, civil rights attorney, and former teacher, Leo Terrell discussed the troubling popularity of Black Lives Matter at School materials being used across the country. Launched in 2016 by a group of teachers, Black Lives Matter at School has a massive presence in schools in every

A Review of the 1619 Project’s Children’s Book

The 1619 Project has been turned into an impressive children’s book, Born on the Water, but is no less factual than the original 1619 Project. While it is important to recognize this history, it’s more important to recognize it accurately. Released just days before Thanksgiving, Nikole Hannah-Jones and her co-author

Advice for Conservative Teachers

To all of our conservative teachers out there: be calm, be creative, and keep your job. We know the feeling of wanting to express discontent with certain things you are asked to do for your job as a teacher, such as conducting certain lesson plans in response to current events,

The Problem With “Social Justice” Curriculum

What is “social justice” curriculum? According to the National Council for the Social Studies National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers, social justice curriculum “involves implementing curriculum and instruction that ‘actively seeks to recognize the diversity of the world and the complexities associated with issues of racism, sexism,

Netflix Founder Pledges Hundreds of Millions to Influence Education

The fact that disturbing movies like “Cuties” and others are being normalized on Netflix is extremely troubling, and just as troubling is the fact that Netflix’s CEO/founder is using his fortune to influence students in classrooms across America. Reed Hastings, co-founder and co-CEO of Netflix, may not be a household