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Tag: Black Lives Matter

PBS Pushing “Woke” Arthur Into Your Homes

The radical left’s bullying and propaganda campaign reaches far beyond the classroom right into our homes. It is not enough for them to train teachers to disseminate anti-American rhetoric in school, they are also using children’s entertainment to do the same. With their incessant push to bully everyone into adopting

Private Schools Adopting “BLM Curriculum”

For many moderates and conservatives, private schooling has been the go-to answer to solving the problem with radical leftists controlling the public education system. Some have falsely claimed that private and charter schools are the silver bullet to this issue, and now it is even more obvious that they are

RedState: Individual Teachers Can Stop BLM Curriculum

In an article on the conservative website RedState, author Kira Davis agrees with one of the main reasons why The Locke Society was created. The article, which covers the troubling trend of schools eventually adopting “BLM” curriculums, indirectly states the obvious answer to combatting the radical leftism in classrooms across

Radical Marxist Angela Davis is Teaching Your Children

For most freedom loving Americans the name Angela Davis does not mean anything, but it should. Many highly influential educational organizations that are present in classrooms across the country describe her as an iconic and legendary freedom fighter, civil rights activist, advocate for racial and social justice, intellectual, and scholar.

Destroying the US One Lesson at a Time – Part 3: “EmbraceRace”

Just like Teaching Tolerance does not actually teach tolerance, EmbraceRace does not actually embrace race. Their manipulative titles do not represent the intolerant and racist content they push out to teachers and parents to share with children as young as kindergarten.  Among the resources teachers value in their lesson planning

Google Promotes Hateful 1619 Project By Hosting Event With Creator

Google is hosting an event with the creator of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, in which they praise her as “one of the most authentic and powerful voices of our time.” On the Google-owned platform of YouTube, Google has a company-owned official channel “Talks at Google.” The channel has over