The radical left’s bullying and propaganda campaign reaches far beyond the classroom right into our homes. It is not enough for them to train teachers to disseminate anti-American rhetoric in school, they are also using children’s entertainment to do the same. With their incessant push to bully everyone into adopting their agenda, which has nothing to do with history or honoring black lives, there is little chance that our children can escape their grasp.  

According to Breitbart, the PBS children’s show Arthur has created a sad propaganda piece that distorts reality to feed their myth that America is evil. Children under the age of 8, many of whom watch the old-time favorite show, will be calling each other racists before they can even spell the word. 

PBS is not the only station disturbing our children; Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. have both taken part in the movement to bully young white children into hating themselves and discouraging young black children from dreaming. With commercials emphasizing violence, pessimism, and anti-American rhetoric, children are being ambushed by radical propaganda while trying to enjoy Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. While parents may think their children are learning the alphabet and colors, they are actually learning about how they are either racist or suffering from racism. 

The harmful effects of promoting self-hate and a distorted history of America are going to be seen as children grappling with their own social-emotional development and surrounded by pessimism, hatred, and bullying start to feel like there is no way out. They will start believing that good does not exist in the world, let alone within themselves; this mindset is tragically dangerous. 

The pervasiveness of the radical left’s ability to sell “woke culture” is only possible due to their vast funding, either from the government or donations. Once again, they are bullying people in all parts of society to adopt their radical agenda, and many are doing so just out of fear of ridicule. To combat this, moderates and conservative must unite to fund organizations like The Locke Society, which was founded to create a network that can save America. If we do not start now, the radical left will only gain more control of the thoughts and beliefs of all future generations.