The Bill of Rights Institute is one of only a handful of “right leaning” educational organizations, yet somehow a radical leftist social studies teacher won their “BRIThankATeacher Contest.” The winner, Jenifer Hitchcock, is also a Madison Foundation fellow. The Madison Foundation “offers $24,000 Graduate Fellowships to individuals to become outstanding teachers of the Constitution in secondary schools.” This is another organization that many see as centered or conservative. Still, Ms. Hitchcock is far from being in the center. On her public Twitter profile she has retweeted, shared, or shown support for organizations including the intolerant Teaching Tolerance

Haymarket Books (which has called for “America” to be “abolished”), 

the radical leftist Zinn Education Project, 

She even tweeted out the “educational principles” of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. 

 The Bill of Rights Institute brings in millions of dollars a year, and is supposed to be helping teachers educate students about the importance of the Bill of Rights and a limited government. Still, with all of this financial support, they selected a teacher who openly supports organizations that advocate the end of the United States, not only as we know it, but as a whole entirely. The Locke Society was created to prevent this from happening in our schools, not to encourage it. With your support, we aim to develop lesson plans that fit into every curriculum in any type of school, create literature and resources for educators and students, and finally take a stand against the radical left’s monopoly in the field of education.