In an article on the conservative website RedState, author Kira Davis agrees with one of the main reasons why The Locke Society was created. The article, which covers the troubling trend of schools eventually adopting “BLM” curriculums, indirectly states the obvious answer to combatting the radical leftism in classrooms across the United States: non-leftist teachers. Conservative and moderate teachers are needed in all facets of education. Without conservative and moderate teachers, America stands little to no chance of defeating the communist rhetoric that will soon fill our children’s minds faster than we can stop it. 

The BLM curriculum, which sadly has very little to do with black lives, has been endorsed by teachers unions including the National Educators Association (NEA). The NEA is promoting resources for teaching this curriculum on their website. Although the presence of unions are not significant in the classroom, their occasional endorsements could catch the eye of teachers who may choose to use their resources. 

According to the article by Kira Davis, “The NEA and the CTA have already given their stamp of approval to BLM curriculum resources. That means those resources will be added to the resource library of every district in the state, leaving the decision to teach the agenda up to individual schools and teachers.”

The key point being that even though some of these new curriculums have been adopted by school districts, it is up to the “individual teachers” to choose to bring them into the classroom. Where a radical liberal teacher may use these resources, a moderate or conservative teacher will not, or will find a way to use them creatively if required. The power of the teacher, that is greater than that of any union or any state, must never be underestimated. 

Socialists and radicals have stolen the Black Lives Matter title to sneak their own agendas into the schools which have nothing to do with honoring black lives. Educators who are continuously trying to improve their teaching of the tragic history of slavery and issues that have impacted the progress of America are receiving no help from these organizations that offer them nothing useful. The 1619 Project and the BLM curriculum are leading an educational movement that is empty of everything they preach they have. They should try to provide teachers with resources to help build a respectful environment to learn about diversity and empathy instead of creating radial socialist propaganda to destroy the United States