While many educational organizations pretend to be unbiased, Facing History and Ourselves proudly expresses their bias in their resources and the people with whom they are affiliated.  Facing History has been among the many educational organizations that have embraced Nikole Hannah-Jones’s anti-American movement and her fictional narrative, the 1619 Project, which makes “Faking History” a more appropriate name for them. 

Although Facing History claims to be moving “away from hate and closer to justice,” their resources prove otherwise. Facing History does very little in empowering black Americans. In a compilation of lessons from the article, “Responding to #LivingWhileBlack,” they suggest that teachers use lessons that require white students to admit that they all are racist. According to the article, Facing History reiterates the claim that, “we need to understand that all people hold prejudices and white individuals in particular need to be able to talk about racism without becoming defensive.” In other words, similar to the bullies at EmbraceRace, they advocate that all white people are racist and cannot say or prove otherwise. Facing History also suggests that teachers have black students build a pessimistic outlook believing that they will always be victims of an oppressive country. Additionally they claim that “criminalizing African Americans is deeply entrenched in the history of the United States,” and they falsely suggest that life for black Americans will never get better, unless they get a government handout. 

In a lesson compilation titled, “Facing Our History of Racial Violence in America,” they provide lessons that justify taking a knee and other forms of disrespect towards America courtesy of the Black Lives Matter movement. These lessons do not raise the question of whether or not disrespecting the American flag as a form of protest is appropriate, rather they use this lesson to help students “understand #takingaknee,” including its history, symbolism, and what it has changed in America. Sympathetic to the pathetic Colin Kaepernick, Facing History quotes him numerous times in their apparent attempt to build him a following. Using the high interest topic of sports and athletes, of whom many children and young adults admire and aspire to be like, is a clever way to build support for protesting America among our youth. 

Additionally, Facing History has even gone so far as to push “social justice” into science class. Suggesting that biology has to do with one’s socio-economic status seems a little racist on their part. 


From advocating for the 1619 Project to making false claims about the Trump Administration, Facing History seems to have a problem with facing the truth. 

Facing History claims to have recently received “an historic contribution” from MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, who was just named the wealthiest woman in the world. With over 120,000 educators using their resources to spread the message that America is a racist country, and with over five million unique visitors, the “abolish America” movement that so many educators are embracing will only continue to grow. With over 54 million dollars in total assets, Facing History is a well-funded branch of the radical left’s movement. The Locke Society is the only organization working to combat the radical agenda that these organizations are implementing. With your support we can grow our materials faster, and get moderates and conservatives to turn the radical tide that is taking over education.