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Tag: Nikole Hannah-Jones

A Review of the 1619 Project’s Children’s Book

The 1619 Project has been turned into an impressive children’s book, Born on the Water, but is no less factual than the original 1619 Project. While it is important to recognize this history, it’s more important to recognize it accurately. Released just days before Thanksgiving, Nikole Hannah-Jones and her co-author

The Smithsonian Institute’s Radical Turn

What began as an institution that embodied some of our nation’s best ideals, has now transformed into a radical leftist propaganda machine. For decades, the Smithsonian Institution gifted America with knowledge of the humanities, sciences, and arts through its extensive research and numerous museums. Funded by philanthropist James Smithson, who

Destroying the US One Lesson at a Time – Part 3: “EmbraceRace”

Just like Teaching Tolerance does not actually teach tolerance, EmbraceRace does not actually embrace race. Their manipulative titles do not represent the intolerant and racist content they push out to teachers and parents to share with children as young as kindergarten.  Among the resources teachers value in their lesson planning