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Radical Marxist Angela Davis is Teaching Your Children

For most freedom loving Americans the name Angela Davis does not mean anything, but it should. Many highly influential educational organizations that are present in classrooms across the country describe her as an iconic and legendary freedom fighter, civil rights activist, advocate for racial and social justice, intellectual, and scholar.

Zinn’s America: Rewriting History

While many have debunked the ideas of Howard Zinn, The Locke Society is the only organization working to end the infiltration of Zinn’s anti-American agenda in school curricula. His presence, not only through his published works, but through educational organizations that have been created in his name, continues to threaten

The People Behind the Current Curriculum

Curriculum developers and teachers might not be reading Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States, but the materials they are using are clearly connected to him and his vision of America. One of the ways that Zinn’s ideas make it into the classroom is through teachers’ professional