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Tag: conservative curriculum

Quitting Is Not Brave

Recently, some news organizations and publications have highlighted educators and professionals who have quit their jobs because they are sick of the radical left’s influence and control. While we at The Locke Society understand that the atmosphere of today’s schools is extremely disturbing, highlighting their act of quitting is a

Advice for Conservative Teachers

To all of our conservative teachers out there: be calm, be creative, and keep your job. We know the feeling of wanting to express discontent with certain things you are asked to do for your job as a teacher, such as conducting certain lesson plans in response to current events,

A Conservative Hundred-Year Marathon

As previously pointed out, Republican, conservative, and moderate leaders and institutions have failed the nation. Instead of using the money and time of their members to further the cause of liberty, they have used it to enrich themselves and their family members. In February of 2015, Michael Pillsbury’s book, The

We Will Continue to Lose Unless…

…our side unites and takes effective measures.  We are 60 to 90 years, tens to hundreds of billions of dollars behind the radical left and the actions they have taken to control all educational institutions in the United States. With the time and effort they have invested, far leftists have