It deeply saddens us to share this with you but it must be known how far the radical left has gone. 

On September 11, Zinn Education Project promotes their lesson “Whose ‘Terrorism’?” which requires students to identify the nation acting as the terrorist in given real-life scenarios. This lesson wrongfully teaches that the U.S. is guilty of “economic terrorism” among other forms, and that the attacks on September 11 were deserved. To quote the creator of the lesson, Bill Bigelow, “[W]ith support for U.S. government policies, I had no confidence that students would be able to label an action taken by their government as ‘terrorism” unless I attached pseudonyms to each country.”  One student’s published response to the lesson was, “I also realized how many terrorism acts the U.S. has committed.” 

Bigelow asked students, “What difference do you think it would make if students all over the country were having the discussion that we’re having today?” One student’s published response was, “I think we’d lose a lot of people who’d want to go fight for the country.” 

You may view this corrupt lesson at

Zinn Education Project not only features this terrible lesson on September 11, they also minimize the significance of the September 11 attacks on the United States in their “This Day in History” post by naming them last and in a compilation of other events.

The Zinn Education Project has been featured by the National Council for the Social Studies which sets the trends in social studies education. Although you may not be teaching their lessons, over 100,000 teachers have registered to use them with their students. 

The radical left’s influence on our youth is dangerous and is spreading. While many have focused on the 1619 Project, Howard Zinn has been fueling education with this anti-American rhetoric since the 1980’s and it’s been gaining strength ever since. The Locke Society was founded to combat the Zinn Education Project and all radical organizations threatening the future of our youth and the future of our country. With your support, we will be successful.