Although founded with good intentions by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics has turned into a passively partisan educational organization with a staff that embraces the radical left’s agenda. Though they claim to be “non-partisan,” their definition of the word is very different from how the rest of us may define it. The meaning of “non-partisan” by these organizations is that as long as conservative views are not present anywhere, it is considered non-partisan. iCivics opts for the more subtle bias, such as depicting the Republican candidate in an unflattering photo and the Democratic candidate in a more flattering one, and allowing their staff to do the political persuasion directly to teachers themselves without having to advertise it on their website. While iCivics offers exceptional resources for rote learning of our system of government (i.e. defining the branches of government, the process of impeachment, checks and balances), they use the influence they have on teachers to promote the radical left’s agenda by providing professional development and advice from radicals such as Amber Coleman-Mortley (Momofallcapes) and Emma “aspires to be Antiracist” Humphries

Amber Coleman-Mortley is the Director of Social Engagement at iCivics. She is regularly promoted by the official iCivics Twitter page, and hosts her own podcast in which she discusses many educational issues. Her personal Twitter page reveals that she is a member of the radical left. Coleman-Mortley attended the “women’s march” in 2017 where Madonna screamed that she wanted to blow up the White House. Her real claim to fame is from her blog where she admits to cursing at her own child for uttering the “offensive” words of “all lives matter.” She also stated in 2016 that she feels sorry for any republicans that planned to vote for Donald Trump claiming that these republicans do not know “what it truly means to be American.” With her growing influence in education, her radical ideas are being promoted as she is a member of the “non-partisan” iCivics team.

Emma Humphries is the Chief Education Officer at iCivics. In a blog post regarding the 2016 election on the iCivics website, Humphries recommended having students rewrite a blurb from the election of 1800 in a way that represents the 2016 election. 

Here is the election of 1800 blurb:

“Speaking of Thomas Jefferson impregnating a slave, the Election of 1800 offers an excellent case study in ugly politicking. As Peter Feuerhard writes for JSTOR:

The election pitted John Adams, Washington’s successor and the standing president, against his own vice president Thomas Jefferson, whose Democratic-Republicans championed the cause of small farmers and the working man. Both candidates suffered personal attacks; Adams, for his perceived lack of masculine virtues, Jefferson for rumors that he had fathered children with one of his slaves and, enamored with French revolutionary ideas, had plans to install a Bonaparte-like dictatorship in America. His heterodox Christianity also raised charges of atheism.

Here is Humphries’ sample 2016 election blurb:

“This is what I came up with:

The election pits Hillary Clinton, Obama’s successor against Donald Trump, whose wedding she attended and who champions the cause of the poor, White man. Both candidates have suffered personal attacks; Clinton, for her perceived lack of masculine virtues (LOL), Trump for rumors that (insert any number of scandals here) and, enamored with himself, has plans to install a Putin-like dictatorship in America. His public mocking of a reporter with a disability also raised charges of ableism.

In addition to suggesting that teachers demean the Republican presidential candidate, Humphries also recommends the radical Ibram X Kendi’s book, How to Be An Antiracist. Kendi has recently been featured by Haymarket Books, a publishing company that advocates for the abolishment of America. 

Some examples of iCivics’ hypocrisy include quotes from the following articles they have either promoted or written: 

iCivics passively supports Nikole Hannah-Jones’ agenda of the 1619 Project.

According to the Executive Director, Louise Dubé, in the article, Our Commitment to Teaching about Racism in Civic Education, America is a nation plagued by “institutional systemic racism,” and educators must commit themselves to “unveiling” it.

“…one must fully grasp this nation’s racial history.”

“The anger, chaos, and pain we’re seeing on display in every corner of our country should be no surprise. We let our institutions fail by not rooting out the implicit bias that lay within them.”

“As we teach students about the institutions that make our constitutional democracy run, iCivics is committed to unveiling the larger context around institutional racism.”

“…civic education must be transparent and explicit about racism…”

In another article, Meet the reformer: Louise Dubé, driving more equitable and inclusive civics learning, Dubé, falsely claims that iCivics is “deeply committed to non-partisanship,” while at the same time she chooses to disseminate the radical agenda that paints the United States as an evil nation. 

“iCivics is deeply committed to non-partisanship…But while iCivics will never take partisan stances, we will uphold moral imperatives, such as racial justice…Recently, though, iCivics made a commitment to pointing out institutional systemic racism in teaching about our institutions. This will alienate some, but it is the moral imperative of today.”

iCivics claims that we should work together “with respect, empathy, and sensitivity.” Apparently, this does not apply to white people as they promote “white guilt” and the false accusation that all whites are racist against people “not like them.” 

According to the article, We Need a Civic Education Evolution to Address Racial Injustice, radical Amber Coleman-Mortley states, “We also want to make sure that white students learn accurate histories and the skills needed to stand on the side of justice and accept the contributions and input of others who are not like them.” 

iCivics takes it upon themselves to speak for all, which is the exact opposite of civics. What they mean here is that the country cannot move forward until white people denounce themselves.

Again in, Our Commitment to Teaching about Racism in Civic Education, Louise Dubé writes, “Our country cannot move forward until all members of society understand our complicated history, and we cannot truly pursue change until we all understand the values which our institutions were created to uphold – so that we can transform the anger we feel into productive action.”

With a radical staff, iCivics’ claim to be non-partisan is only growing weaker as their bias takes hold of professional development that guides teachers into following the radical left’s crusade of denouncing the United States as a nation born out of “institutional systemic racism” that is still grappling with white supremacy.

iCivics encourages discussions around elections to go beyond the process and into the issues; however, they fail to provide any resources that actually cover the candidates. A resource on civics that claims its best to use during an election should have the materials necessary to teach it. It seems as though they want to push a political agenda and are doing so through third parties to avoid being accused of doing it themselves. Hopefully Emma Humphries has learned the definition of non-partisan, and will be able to suggest a sample activity for the upcoming 2020 election that is better than the sorry excuse for one she did four years ago.