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Tag: Civics

What Teaching Civics Actually Means to Teachers

Civics is a popular topic in the educational forum today, but many “experts” are getting its significance to teachers wrong. Many current state standards require teachers to “incorporate civics” into their lessons, a requirement which does not simply mandate material for rote memorization, but material that facilitates participation in society

Modern Day Teaching: What It Is and Why It Is Important

NOTE: This article only pertains to pedagogy in response to the exclusive use of teacher-centered learning. The focus of this article is on the importance of incorporating student-centered learning.  The art of modern day teaching (pedagogy) is drastically different from that of the 50s, 80s, even the 90s, and early

Civics Learning is Already Controlled by Radical Leftists

In a recent National Review article, Stanley Kurtz sheds some light on the troubling possibility of the Biden Administration implementing national civics learning standards. While the information in this article on this development is alarming, the sad state of reality is that nearly all civics learning, whether the Biden Administration

iCivics’ Radical Staff is Destroying Civics Education

Although founded with good intentions by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics has turned into a passively partisan educational organization with a staff that embraces the radical left’s agenda. Though they claim to be “non-partisan,” their definition of the word is very different from how the rest of us may define