It is sad to report that Scholastic, one of the leading resources of literacy education, has now become nearly useless as it has transformed itself from a literacy resource to a crusader of the radical left’s war on America. Scholastic is not only providing inaccurate information about both presidential candidates, but is using a tactic of bullying to force teachers and students to denounce President Trump. 

From using false and defamatory claims about President Trump to promoting Vice President Biden through misleading arguments that make him a glorified leader of a utopia that does not exist, Scholastic has entered the political arena with a clear radical left agenda and malicious smear campaign on their opponents. The most disturbing part of their tactic is the use of children as pawns to deceive other children into becoming defenders of the radical left’s movement while they are encouraged to attack President Trump and America. Although the information they provide is false from nearly every angle, the mindset they are instilling in children, and the acceptance, better yet the encouragement, of using accusatory bullying to attack political opponents will devastate their personal relationships and the future of America. 

Scholastic uses the topic of “racial justice,” to call Trump a racist. They state, “Many people see the president’s response to the protests as part of a pattern of racism. He has repeatedly made racist statements and at times shown support for people who promote white supremacy.” They also wrongfully state that he has “taken an aggressive stance against the largely peaceful demonstrations.” The amount of educational organizations that view violent acts such as smashing windows, burning buildings, and looting to be peaceful is alarming.

Regarding coronavirus, Scholastic has written of President Trump’s response very carefully to make sure there is no indication that he acted to prevent its spread. Their fabrications include President Trump’s inadequate travel restrictions and research; their complaints include his reluctance to expand the powers of the federal government, and to open the economy against the advice of “health experts.” Scholastic writes that Superhero Biden has “called for a comprehensive federal plan to contain the virus, including more widespread testing, more equipment for hospitals and medical workers, and major funding for treatment and vaccine research.” They also praise Superhero Biden for his plan to prevent future outbreaks, and that he will prioritize worldwide health and security. 

In Scholastic’s Kid Reporters section, they use a child to criticize President Trump and praise Biden. The child, who reviewed the first presidential debate, claimed that many were disturbed by some of President Trump’s responses (many of which they either ignored or turned into a statement to support their agenda) and that there is no evidence of fraud in elections on the part of Democrats. While Scholastic may have thought using children to push their agenda would keep them safe from criticism, their deceptive tactic should only draw criticism as they present students with a one-sided perspective from a child they guide into giving a biased approach to news reporting. 

Scholastic’s lack of authority on presenting any information regarding elections is not only apparent in their sorry excuse for biographies of presidential candidates, but is also present in their embarrassing explanation of the Electoral College. Beginning with their headline, “Who officially picks our president? Hint: It’s not the voters,” Scholastic is pioneering a new campaign to get our youth not to vote. They go on to explain that the Electoral College was established for the following single reason: “In 1787, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution clashed over how the president should be chosen. Should citizens vote directly for the nation’s leader? Or should Congress decide? They compromised by having states vote through the Electoral College.” The absence of explaining fair representation shows their agenda to undermine the Electoral College. With yet another dig at President Trump, Scholastic has surrendered any indication of knowledge and non-partisanship, but will still dishonestly pledge to be a reliable and unbiased resource. 

Scholastic’s inadequate knowledge of elections has somehow made them believe they could influence them. Most educational publications that aim to influence elections are in fact a threat due to their impressive, and deceitful, set up of information and resources; however, Scholastic is not a threat as they have only managed to embarrass themselves in this venture. Scholastic is a widely used and respected resource for literacy development, and for everyone’s sake, it would be great if they could just stick to what they know.