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Tag: Palestine

Anti-Israel Activists Get Platform to Preach at NCSS 2023 Conference

Members of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) gathered this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee to expand their “social justice” horizons and strengthen their commitment to the agenda of the radical left. While many workshops are worth noting, the most disturbing are those that appear to have promoted anti-Israel

Lesson: Israel-Palestine Conflict

Anti-Israel sentiment is being promoted by leading educational resources that are pushing a pro-Palestine agenda through their lesson plans. Even the National Council for the Social Studies has recently hosted an outspoken anti-Israel advocate at their annual conference. With the Israel-Palestine conflict being part of many standard curriculums, teachers will

How Educators Are Training Anti-Israel Advocates

The shocking news that an outspoken extreme anti-Israel advocate was asked by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) to present at their 101st Annual Conference in November 2021 is troubling. While educators have unfortunately heard ripples of anti-Israel sentiment before, the fact that an extremist has made an