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Tag: Banning CRT

Educators Double Down On CRT After Youngkin Victory

Leftist extremists have never cared about following the wishes of parents and the public in general. After Glenn Youngkin won the election in Virginia, they were proud to announce that they will increase the amount of CRT, social justice, and BLM educational materials in classrooms across America.  After Election Day,

Bills “Banning” CRT Are Misleading and Dangerous

Many individuals and organizations are celebrating state and local governments passing weak legislation that “bans” Critical Race Theory from the classroom, but those who are doing so are selling false hope. With many putting their trust and faith in these flawed bills, and the summer break about to enter full

Arizona’s Bill Fails to Ban CRT

With Senate Bill 1532, students in Arizona will still be taught the highly destructive and far left ideas of “social justice” and Critical Race Theory. Individuals and organizations who are telling parents that this Bill will prohibit these ideas from being in the classroom are either purposely misleading their followers