Leftist extremists have never cared about following the wishes of parents and the public in general. After Glenn Youngkin won the election in Virginia, they were proud to announce that they will increase the amount of CRT, social justice, and BLM educational materials in classrooms across America. 

Now, they plan on recruiting even more radical leftists into the field of education, which is what they have been doing successfully for decades to take control. A simple election win does not scare the radical left, it only makes them work harder and put even more money into the already overflowing bank accounts of radical leftist educational organizations. 

These teachers and educational organizations reject logic and reality. They don’t care what parents want because many of them believe that parents are part of the racist structure that they hate. They believe that these parents are part of the oppressor class, and that their children need to be taught that they need to feel guilty for the successes of this country and their family members. It is not just in this regard that these teachers disrespect parents, they believe parents who are not teachers lack the credentials to be able to make commentary on classrooms and curriculum. Whether you agree with that or not, it is a belief teachers and administrators never fail to express. Even if a parent thinks a meeting with a teacher or administrator goes well, even if they are CEOs of major companies, once parents leave the room they say, “What do they know about running a classroom and writing curriculum? They don’t have a degree in education. They wouldn’t last five minutes doing my job.” 


Conservatives in power can pass as much legislation as they want, nothing in the classroom will change. Radical leftist educators have already stated that it does not affect them, and they have been correct. The bills that have already been passed fighting against CRT are misleading and dangerous. The language of these bills not only fails to stop the teaching of CRT, many of them actually require it. We’re talking about people whose job it is to draw on their creativity to craft lessons that are largely based on inquiry; they know how to plant a seed of thought without being obvious. Unless a teacher is blatant about their indoctrination, most are skilled enough to do it without anyone noticing or in a way that relieves themselves of any blame. 

We need real solutions, not headlines and false promises. The Locke Society is the only organization that will impact education in a way that will make the radical left notice once we’ve made it to their level of influence. We need to recruit our own teachers into the field and flood the market just like they have with usable teaching materials. The power of the teacher makes this possible, and we know because we already did it. With conservative and moderate educators in the classroom, our children will be protected from the dangerous and destructive preaching of the radical left. Of course, our teachers will encounter challenges and difficult situations in the field, and that’s why The Locke Society will be there to support them every step of the way. It’s time to take action that yields results, not just headlines.