If Glenn Youngkin wins the Virginia race for governor, Critical Race Theory (CRT) will still be taught in classrooms across Virginia. Many of the individuals and establishment bureaucratic conservative think tanks who are claiming that any state governor or legislature can block CRT do not understand how CRT is entering the classroom. They believe that bureaucrats are the ones forcing CRT, or social justice, to be taught in classrooms. The reality is that before any politician or political pundits even heard the words Critical Race Theory, educators across America were filling classrooms with its poisonous ideas

The far left has invested billions of dollars a year, for the last 70+ years, into taking over the educational system. Anyone that truly understands this situation knows that taking over a few school boards, winning control of a state legislature, and even winning the governorship in any given state will not stop CRT or other far leftist ideas from having a prominent presence in the classroom

Currently, 27 states have republican governors, 30 states have republican legislatures. Some of these legislatures and governors have recently taken steps and signed legislation that they claimed would stop CRT and other leftist ideas from being promoted at schools that accept public funding, but these laws and regulations have accomplished close to nothing. Until we start to have conservative and moderate individuals who love freedom enter the educational profession, all other efforts to save our schools from the poisonous ideas of the far left will fail.