When a school, district, or department of education formally announces that they are adopting Critical Race Theory as part of their curriculum, they are merely announcing what has been taught in their schools for years, if not decades. 

If you are relieved that your school district has not adopted CRT as part of their curriculum, you may want to sit down. Most likely, CRT and “social justice” initiatives are already in your child’s classroom. This is true regardless if your child goes to a public, private, or charter school. You might be in denial and ask how that can be when there hasn’t been any announcement. You might even be thinking, “I go over all of the materials sent home with my child.” While going over the materials is important and does allow some insight into the classroom, it is only a glimpse. Just like every profession, merely seeing one aspect of it does not truly explain everything that goes on. When it comes to teaching, this is especially true as teachers speak to students throughout the lesson, and seize “teachable moments” in which they may veer off their lesson plan into another discussion or lecture, in which they could speak to the points of CRT. 

“Social justice” and CRT are built into almost every professional organization that provides exceptional teacher training, professional development, and resources. CRT does not show up with flashing lights and bolded slogans every time it is present – it is often subliminal and infused throughout the materials that make up the lesson or training session. The radical left uses red herrings to throw critics off of the real threat, and the more we continue to focus on what they make obvious, the easier it is for them to sneak their agenda past us. 

The National Council for the Social Studies, The National Council of Teachers of English, The National Teaching Science Association, National Council of Teachers Of Mathematics, iCivics, Lucy Calkins Teachers College, The National Art Education Association, and almost every other national professional educational organization that molds what is being taught, and how students are being taught, have adopted Critical Race Theory or “social justice” initiatives as part of their agenda. If all the places that train and oversee the professional development of teachers are pushing CRT and “social justice” initiatives, how and what educators are being influenced to teach are undoubtedly tainted by CRT/“social justice” ideology. If all of the resources available for teachers to use in the classroom are being provided by organizations and companies that have adopted CRT/“social justice” initiatives, the teacher must use time they don’t have to create alternative lessons with texts and activities that meet standards. When you need a lesson for every day of the week, and in many cases, for different classes which doubles or triples the work of the lesson planning, you need help. 

So, when a state bans CRT/ “social justice” teaching in schools (like in Idaho), what does that accomplish? While this means that a school cannot be outwardly insane with radical leftist ideology, it may only scarcely impact the plans of some educational professionals who are clever and creative to not let any so-called “ban” stop them from finding a way to continue their work. Announcements of defunding or banning CRT/”social justice” are also harmful to the cause because they provide a false sense of security to parents who believe that their child is safe from being fed the ideas of the radical left. Unless these state governments take the possibly unconstitutional step of banning the theory from nearly all educational organizations (some of which are listed above) that teachers use in the United States, with constant in-person surveillance in every classroom, following teachers around in the hallways, in the lunchroom, in before and after school activities, they have not accomplished anything with a measurable impact. Teachers who strongly believe in CRT will always find a way to teach it. Think about it this way, if you were a teacher, and you were told that you were forbidden from teaching our founding principles, or teaching about capitalism, would you not do it anymore? Or, would you find a way to teach it?

This statement of fact will undoubtedly upset many, possibly even you, but we at The Locke Society are committed to tell our followers the truth. While other organizations profess to promote facts over feelings, they refuse to accept reality because it makes them feel discouraged and hopeless. The first step in changing reality is accepting it. The second step is finding an effective solution, which in this case, and which goes against many organizations already in existence, is not simply to complain. As teachers, we at The Locke Society know that the only way to make an impact in the educational field is to become a part of it on every single level, especially becoming teachers in the classroom.

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