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Tag: social justice curriculum

Is CRT in YOUR School? Yes.

When a school, district, or department of education formally announces that they are adopting Critical Race Theory as part of their curriculum, they are merely announcing what has been taught in their schools for years, if not decades.  If you are relieved that your school district has not adopted CRT

Toddler Tantrum Tactics Don’t Work

With more and more people becoming outraged with the growing influence of CRT and ‘Social Justice’ sweeping through our schools, most popular advice for dealing with it (coming from non-educators or groups posing as educators by the way) is to shout, yell, be outspoken in your fight, wreak havoc, and

The Problem With “Social Justice” Curriculum

What is “social justice” curriculum? According to the National Council for the Social Studies National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers, social justice curriculum “involves implementing curriculum and instruction that ‘actively seeks to recognize the diversity of the world and the complexities associated with issues of racism, sexism,