With more and more people becoming outraged with the growing influence of CRT and ‘Social Justice’ sweeping through our schools, most popular advice for dealing with it (coming from non-educators or groups posing as educators by the way) is to shout, yell, be outspoken in your fight, wreak havoc, and make a scene. Shouting gets attention, but not results. These toddler tantrum tactics will not work, in any situation, not just this one. Once you lose your professionalism, you lose respect, and you lose the argument.

The radical left did not take control of education by yelling on the rooftops and angrily protesting face to face that they disagreed with curricula and the school environment. Instead of screaming and shouting, they got to work. They started successful educational organizations, published exceptional texts and media, poured money into organizations that promised to further their radical agenda, recruited teachers and other professionals into the field of education, and allowed their ideology to seep through the cracks quietly and unsuspectedly until they had enough power and pull to stop hiding their plans. Even now that they have such a great amount of control, they are still moving forward, creating more organizations, inserting themselves into every aspect of education and culture possible, and building their agenda through effective measures that will undoubtedly bring them even more success, especially because they claim to be unbiased.

The well-funded organizations attempting to stop the radical left’s control have not taken one measure that could ultimately lead to success. The most common suggestion we have seen is to speak out and show your anger. While we know that there are situations that may arise in which some may feel they have no other choice but to speak out, always remember to do so calmly and with professionalism if you must. For parents, we do recommend expressing your discontent and questioning the teachers and school, but as much as we hate to say this, educators really only take other educators seriously, and those who think otherwise must not be so gullible. For teachers, speaking out, depending on the severity of the situation, may lead to ostracization, suspicion, and hostility. For both teachers and parents, screaming will only lead to your dismissal to speak in any situation and the loss of your respect. 

We know it is beyond frustrating hearing lies being told about our great country, witnessing the creation of destructive learning environments, and the agenda of the radical left becoming inescapable, but this is not America’s first fight against control. When we fought the British for our independence, we had a particular strategy that many should be familiar with – Washington’s spies had to bear the burden of staying quiet to get their work done for the cause of liberty. If Austin Roe found himself in a British filled tavern with soldiers speaking ill of Washington, he couldn’t defend Washington; I think we all know what would have happened if he did and how that would have jeopardized the whole plan. Not that what we are doing is espionage, but what we are doing right now is staying under the radar, unsuspected of sabotaging the radical left’s agenda. As long as we have a respected presence in schools, the radical left’s agenda will face a quiet resistance, for now.