In schools across the United States, students are being taught that in order to bring racial, social and economic justice you must follow in the footsteps of Mao, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Lenin, Stalin and Hugo Chavez. Some educators claim these tyrants and dictators had benefits that far outweighed their drawbacks. The lessons that push these agendas are provided by various non-profits that are currently calling for the abolishment or total defunding of the police.

Other organizations, and their leaders, are calling the police a terror organization, and that violence is structurally embedded into the police.

The founder of Teach for America retweeted the tweet below stating that police “violence” is “structurally embedded into these forces.”

NextGen America, the Democrat youth voter registration organization founded by former presidential candidate Tom Steyer, hosted a “Netflix Watch Party” showing “The Broken Policing System” as part of their liberal propaganda campaign. NextGen America’s audience is strictly America’s youth, individuals under the age of 35, who they assume are ignorant enough to follow their agenda without question.

In books like, A People’s History of the United States, students are repeatedly told that Martin Luther King Jr. failed, and that his peaceful form of protest is not as effective as violence.The children’s book recommended for ages 6-10, Malcolm Little: The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcom X, written by his daughter, is the top suggestion from’s list of children’s books to “support conversations on race, racism, and resistance.” The synopsis “celebrates” Malcolm X’s “vision of freedom and justice” and cites him as a “natural born leader.”  

With these lessons being taught, it should not be surprising that these young citizens are rioting, turning to violence, and/or calling to defund or abolish the police. While most Americans accept the fact that schools tend to be liberally biased, most Americans do not realize how extreme the organizations are that influence the education system.