The news of The Dalton School’s latest mishap, which includes teaching first graders about masturbation, has received a lot of attention. Unfortunately, many of the stories fail to mention or acknowledge the fact that this is a much more widespread problem, and does not just affect those attending elite schools. Those covering this story have only stayed above the surface and expressed outrage at the content made visible to them from an initial report. The real story rests in the work of Advocates for Youth, a nonprofit specializing in sex education for grades Pre-K through 12.

The video that was used to teach first graders about masturbation was created by, which is a project of Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health. was launched in September of 2016, and in July of 2020 boasted 40 million views on their YouTube channel. Advocates for Youth was founded in 1980 and has many other projects that educators across America are using which include: Future of Sex Education Initiative, Abortion Out LoudRights, Respect, Responsibility (the first K-12th grade sex education curriculum), and they are one of the “primary authors of the International Guidance on Sexuality Education.”

Now, The Dalton School headmaster has come out and stated that they were unaware that their “health and wellness” educator, Justine Ang Fonte, was going to show this video to first graders, but after viewing her website, they probably should have known better since they should have researched Fonte before hiring her in the first place. Fonte’s website blatantly displays her explicit slideshows and disturbing topics that could give her enough classifications for a prison sentence or at least prohibit her from living within 1,000 feet of a school. 

Still, those who are focusing on The Dalton School are missing the fact that the organization that made the video has a massive reach into countless schools. With The Dalton School receiving many unwanted headlines, like other elite private schools and public schools in wealthy areas, the organizations that are providing these radical educational materials are escaping criticism. These elite and wealthy schools will likely refrain from using the most radical of materials, but the 99% of other schools who are using these same videos and lessons will continue to do so as the media does not bother to cover them. In fact, it is possible, and even likely, that someone at the school you know, has either seen, used, or been influenced by material that they have created.

Advocates for Youth is not a small nonprofit; in the last four years they have received between 4.6 and 9.6 million dollars a year, including millions from taxpayers in the form of government grants.

Still, instead of paying their executive boards large salaries, they have used their money to develop and create educational materials. They have even partnered with widely accepted and known organizations, and other groups with more money to ensure their reach would grow. 

Advocates for Youth is not merely interested in sex/health education. One glimpse at their Twitter shows that they frequently use the terms of the radical left such as “equity and justice” whether it be reproductive justice, menstrual equity, gender equity, wage equity, racial justice, etc. 

This is not the first time disturbing content has been shown to children, nor will it be the last.  This is also likely not the last story we will hear from The Dalton School as the media’s obsession with elite schools seems to preoccupy any coverage they do on education. As per usual, the radical left will continue to pour money into this organization and the countless others they are funding to destroy American education and pollute the minds of our children.