The founder of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, said during an interview that looting from “big box main store” is “symbolic.” She continued with severely manipulating and corrupting the words of Martin Luther King Jr. to support the violence she justifies.

The 1619 Project claims that slavery is the most defining characteristic of the United States, and that capitalism and modern society continue to practice contemporary versions of slavery. The popularity of the 1619 Project is growing. The New York City Department of Education has integrated essays and poems from the 1619 Project that correlates with their curriculum. Calling it the 1619 Project: Connections to the Passport to Social Studies and Civics for All Curricula, NYC has adopted the ideas, message, and false history of the 1619 Project that challenges America’s legacy and creed.

Various educational organizations, which have active members in every state, and possibly every school, routinely retweet and use talking points from the 1619 Project in their teaching materials. With Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, tweeting that the “fires” were wrong, “but” were merely in response to the four officers not being arrested, she has set a precedent for teachers to rationalize this violence to their students.

Many in the educational field are making excuses for the rioters, and minimizing the time and effort that peaceful protesters are contributing to make the United States a more perfect nation.