Our Founding Fathers are often mischaracterized by secondary sources that are plagued with bias. Using one’s opinions and selective research is not suitable for coming to understand and getting to know our Founders. While points favorable to the narrative of these historians and researchers are included in their works, points that go against their narrative are absent. This lesson invites students to meet some of our Founding Fathers by hearing from them in their own words regarding topics including economics, government, religious freedom, education, and slavery. Many have emphasized the latter, but they have conveniently left out much of the Founders’ efforts and words arguing for emancipation. Additionally, many Americans today have found themselves at odds with our foundation of economics including private property and free market enterprise and have ignored this economic system in pursuit of a radical agenda. The function of government is another point that needs review as that too is being corrupted by a radical agenda. It is crucial that our Founders are given the fair opportunity to make their statements and positions heard, and reading the words they left behind is the only means we have to let them speak.

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