When it comes to climate change, educational institutions have abandoned the idea of critical thinking. Instead, “activist educators” take every possible opportunity to fill the minds of impressionable youth with the radical ideas championed in the Green New Deal. Unfortunately, very few real educators have the time necessary to create their very own lessons from scratch or find exceptional resources to properly teach topics regarding the earth and climate. Thus, the current resources available are all we have to work with, and simply making changes or adjustments to these lessons may weaken the claims of the radical left, but it does not strengthen the counterclaims. The current resources circulating around educational institutions and organizations push many far leftist and socialist ideas such as environmental justice, environmental “equity”, and even the redistribution of wealth as part of the “solution” to combat “climate change.” These “activist educators” scour the Internet for images and other media that demonizes capitalism and pulls at the heartstrings of students, making them become proponents of the ideas that take away freedom and prosperity. Polar bears have been the poster animal for climate change for years, and with National Geographic’s famous photograph, many have foolishly accepted “facts” without evidence and relayed their misguided beliefs to their students. This lesson allows students to use critical thinking to determine whether polar bears deserve that status by critiquing scientific claims and observing polar bear features and facts.


Download Lesson Plan: Earth Day: Polar Bears and Climate Change Lesson Plan

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